There Is No Secret To Happiness.
Life Always Happens.

FIGGI Life is an honest foray into life’s successes, failures, wins and losses. Life as I live it, self-care as I discover it, anecdotes from my experience in business, and my take on mistakes as I inevitably make them.

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Dr. Jeanne Retief

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Self-Care: A Raw & Simplified View to Find Soul Balance

I am sick to death of self-care advice. I am sick of the word, all the advice on how to best practice it, and sick of the space it takes up in our worlds. I get so frustrated when consumerism zones in on wonderful ideals meant to help us live authentically beautiful lives in the name of popularity or selling something.

Meet Dr. Jeanne Retief

When you realize something integral is out of place in your life in your late thirties, it puts you in a strange space. Especially when you’re someone like me, that tends to have a one-dimensional focus on your goals and achieving these against all odds. When you realize your career, for which you fought tooth and nail, is the source of your unease, it makes the waters even murkier.

“Energy flows where attention and intention goes.”

Gabrielle Bernstein