There Is No Secret To Happiness.
Life Always Happens.

FIGGI Life is an honest foray into life’s successes, failures, wins and losses. Life as I live it, self-care as I discover it, anecdotes from my experience in business, and my take on mistakes as I inevitably make them.

Welcome to my FIGGI Life.

Dr. Jeanne Retief

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Parenting & Family

I Chose Not To Breastfeed: Queue The Pitchforks!

I chose not to breastfeed my baby. I had no issues I knew of with milk not coming in. I had no problems with my milk not being rich enough or the baby not latching. I chose not to breastfeed. Before birth, I made a conscious decision not to breastfeed, and in consultation with my doctor, I planned to take the tablets I needed to dry up my milk.

Health and Wellness

Why I Have A Spiritual Mentor.

Why I have a spiritual mentor and why it works for me. After many years in therapy and countless hours of bearing my soul I needed to change gears.

Health and Wellness

How Antioxidants Work In Skincare?

We read about antioxidants all the time, but how do they work in your skincare routine? How do they fight free radicals, and what are free radicals?

Meet Dr. Jeanne Retief

When you realize something integral is out of place in your life in your late thirties, it puts you in a strange space. Especially when you’re someone like me, that tends to have a one-dimensional focus on your goals and achieving these against all odds. When you realize your career, for which you fought tooth and nail, is the source of your unease, it makes the waters even murkier.

“Energy flows where attention and intention goes.”

Gabrielle Bernstein