Meet Dr. Jeanne Retief

There are no secrets to happiness. Life always happens. This is my mantra and what I choose to live by, even though I often fail to remember this. But hey, the constant mental reminders we give ourselves is part of the journey, right?

When I turned 35, I experienced great change, contemplation, confusion, frustration, and joy. I had invested so much of my energy in becoming an expert in my field, but I realized that the career I had built with a single-minded focus no longer fulfilled or inspired me. It was a confusing and frightening realization. I wasn’t sure why I felt this way or what I wanted to do instead.

After a lifelong struggle with anxiety I was also diagnosed with Panic Disorder. The symptoms were wreaking havoc on my life. Facing a health and soul crisis, I had to make difficult decisions about my life path.

I integrated my human rights background into FIGGI which allowed me to seek serenity and still experience the adrenaline rush of creating something new. FIGGI represents the journey of seeking and finding value in my inner peace and serenity.

FIGGI is for every woman like me who has struggled, achieved, and still seeks professional and personal purpose. I offer community, truth, a shoulder to cry on and products to help you elevate your selfcare experience.

It is my Best Life – It is my FIGGI Life.

Sensitive skin was a constant symptom of my Panic Disorder, and so, after completing my Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry I released my luxury skincare experience for sensitive souls with dry skin woes.

I am South African but now live in Portugal with my husband, little girl and two dogs. In my former life I held a PhD in international criminal and humanitarian law, presented on key human rights issues worldwide, and consulted for 15 years in this field.

“Have faith in your dreams and someday - your rainbow will come shining through.”