The Birth of FIGGI

When you realize something integral is out of place in your life in your late thirties, it puts you in a strange space. Especially when you’re someone like me, that tends to have a one-dimensional focus on your goals and achieving these against all odds. When you realize your career, for which you fought tooth and nail, is the source of your unease, it makes the waters even murkier.


The Journey

I have never been a career adventurist, effortlessly flowing from one option to the next. I always focused on what I wanted to do, how I wanted to achieve it, and by when. There was never any thought of doing things differently or considering another path. Human rights were my focus, and I would make this happen no matter what. I was so committed I took on the mountain that is a Ph.D. I forced myself through all obstacles to ensure I practiced law in a legal field that I felt held the most purpose.

When I founded my human rights consultancy 13 years ago, it was not with ease or support. Many thought such an idea could never work because it could not possibly provide enough income to survive. This was an idealist’s path. I worked excruciating hours with a happy heart, traveled exhaustively from one lonely rural place to the next, and gave more of myself than was available. My efforts became a respected consultancy with global clients that still flourishes today.


The Breaking Point

Despite all this, a breaking point came about when we moved to Portugal in 2022. I had an urgent need to call out all “the noise” and everything not serving me anymore. This was more than a life lesson or realization. It was a painful and equally beautiful moment of breaking apart and coming back together. Forceful, urgent, excruciating, but magnificent. This was a time of significant change and uncertainty for me. I knew I had to refocus my career path and how it interlinked with my life’s journey. Still, it is terrifying to consider changing such an integral part of your life.

I was empty, a shell of myself, overwhelmed by everything I had given without reservation for the last decade. I was tired of fighting the good fight only to be halted by politics, bureaucracy, and red tape. I gave my everything to make projects work and hopefully help those who needed it most, only to see money squandered or the efforts laid by the waste side.

As much as I loved coaching, mentorship, and building teams that did excellent work, I felt I had nothing more to give. All the years of taking the sorrows, pain, and devastation of others onto my shoulders wore me down, and I had nothing left for my family or myself at the end of the day.

I was also tired. Tired of keeping quiet or holding my tongue in the name of diplomacy and for the higher good of the project if I fundamentally disagreed with the views of rigid decision makers. I felt like I was not achieving any elements of my purpose anymore.

I also began to ask more critical questions about my purpose, my journey, how I manifested self-confidence, and what success and inner peace looked like to me. After months of back and forth and heavy internal debate, I decided to embark on a new path. Ultimately, this was not a choice but an instruction from my tired body, mind, and soul.


The Birth of FIGGI

And so, FIGGI was born. The perfect marriage between the old world and the new. Using my background, I could experience the rush of creating something new while embracing serenity and still serving others. A way that allowed me to reach others, build a community of like-minded women, and not be bound by any powers that be. A true reflection of life’s peaks and valleys with no judgment or overpowering advice on how to best live your life.

FIGGI represents the journey of seeking and finding value in my inner peace and serenity. Surrounding myself with elements, people, and work that reflects this mantra. To see and believe in my beauty, whatever that may look like. Let go of insecurities all young women tend to carry with them, and not only become comfortable in my own skin but celebrate it.


What Is FIGGI?

FIGGI provides products that help restore balance by focusing on the most essential element of this journey: self-care and kindness to oneself. FIGGI Beauty is the first launch of the brand. It is a unique skincare range specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. We had to start somewhere, so skincare was the logical choice. The perfect example of a constant staple that anyone can introduce into their routine to enjoy a moment of self-care, meditation, and sensory relaxation. The skincare range encourages you to celebrate the inner Goddess because we all deserve to.

FIGGI also creates content and aims to build a true community for real forays into life’s successes, failures, wins, and losses. A community where we can come together to share honest views on life as we live it, self-care as we discover it, anecdotes from business experiences, and mistakes as we inevitably make them. A community of support, encouragement, and enlightenment.

FIGGI is for every woman like me that has struggled, achieved, and continues to seek professional and personal purpose in all things.

It is my Best Life – It is my FIGGI Life.

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