Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Dear Narcissist, You Helped Me Uncover The Power Of My Silent Strength

Dear Narcissist

It’s me, Jeanne. I am the weak, timid girl who apologizes for being alive. The girl who always seeks diplomatic solutions while avoiding all conflict like the plague. We’ve met many times, and my interactions with you have left me with many scars. I want to let go of that poison now. You see, I’m on this mission to let go of it all. All the noise, all the negativity, all the nonsense, and everything not serving me anymore. I am writing this post as an open letter to you. 

Parenting & Family

I Chose Not To Breastfeed: Queue The Pitchforks!

I chose not to breastfeed my baby. I had no issues I knew of with milk not coming in. I had no problems with my milk not being rich enough or the baby not latching. I chose not to breastfeed. Before birth, I made a conscious decision not to breastfeed, and in consultation with my doctor, I planned to take the tablets I needed to dry up my milk.

Health and Wellness

Why I Have A Spiritual Mentor.

Why I have a spiritual mentor and why it works for me. After many years in therapy and countless hours of bearing my soul I needed to change gears.