Skin and SelfCare

FIGGI Beauty Sensi-Soul Regimen Double Cleanse. Purify the Goddess Makeup Dissolving Balm-to-Oil and Refresh the Goddess Gentle Gel Cleanser.
Skin and SelfCare

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Double Cleansing: Get Fewer Breakouts & Restore the Natural Balance of Your Skin

My golden skincare rule is that your face is like a work of art. Before you start creating, you need a beautifully clean canvas. If the canvas is flawed, it will show in your art through lumps or bumps in the painting. Perhaps even a stray brush bristle. Similarly, if your skin is not a clean canvas before you apply makeup or your treatments, this will show in your skin.

Health and Wellness

How Antioxidants Work In Skincare?

We read about antioxidants all the time, but how do they work in your skincare routine? How do they fight free radicals, and what are free radicals?