Reflections on Resilience: The Hardest Life Lessons of the Year

As the year draws to a close, I find solace in the reflective process, an opportunity to sift through the lessons of the past months, acknowledging not only the joys but also the formidable challenges. There’s a certain empowerment that stems from looking back, recognizing the growth spurred by adversity, and understanding that what appeared as train wrecks often unfolded as the universe’s intricate blessings. These are the lessons I learned this year.

Dr. Jeanne Retief (FIGGI Beauty and FIGGI Life) gives her Reflections on Resilience and the hardest lessons she's leanrt this year as she prepares to celebrate the New Year

Giving Away My Power: A Cliché with a Price

My year unfolded as a compelling narrative on the fragility of personal power. The cliché, “Stop giving away your power,” resounded louder than ever, echoing through the corridors of my heart and business decisions. It’s a lesson that, despite its recurring appearance in self-help mantras, demanded my attention again. The heartaches and financial setbacks that came with withholding my voice, and offering up my power to others in the conquest of better processes served as stark reminders to me that safeguarding my power isn’t just a platitude; it’s a cornerstone of resilience and self-preservation. Although I stand by my conviction of being completely comfortable with not being the smartest person in the room, I needed to remind myself that asking questions and kicking in my heels when my intuition is screaming to do so, is always the right decision.

Not Everyone Has to Believe in My Success

In the grand theater of life, another resounding lesson unfurled its banner: not everyone has to believe in my success. This realization was a beacon of liberation. Armed with the understanding that as long as I believe, I continue to try, fight, and discover new solutions, I embraced the empowering truth that my journey is uniquely mine. The applause of self-belief resonates louder than the external skepticism, marking each step forward as a victory.

Understanding Is More Important Than Forgiveness

The path of forgiveness proved to be a challenging pilgrimage for me this year. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I discovered that forgiveness isn’t an obligatory endpoint. Instead, the pursuit of understanding took precedence for me. I recognized that delving into the ‘why’ of a situation and comprehending my own feelings toward it held the transformative power I desperately needed. If understanding the ‘why’ proved elusive, then understanding my emotions, the lens through which I viewed the situation, and forging a solution for my relationship with it became the compass guiding my journey. I recognize I cannot and will not always understand why others do what they do, or act the way they do – but I can understand my relationship to the “needing to know why.” Changing this perspective brought me surprising insights to acceptance and ultimately letting things go.

Guilt, a heavy burden often shouldered unnecessarily, emerged as a potent lesson this year that was intricately linked to my struggles with forgiveness. Not everything is mine to bear. This revelation granted me the freedom to start the journey of relinquishing the parcel of guilt and find peace within myself. It’s a nuanced dance of discernment, recognizing what truly belongs to me and what can be returned to the universe, unloading the weight and stepping into the realm of self-acceptance. This however, is a journey, and I am still working hard at it.

The Takeaway

In the mosaic of life lessons, these challenges were formidable instructors to me in 2023. Each heartache, financial setback, and emotional struggle wove a a renewed strand of resilience in my soul. As the year concludes, I carry not just the triumphs but the wisdom earned through adversity—the kind that forges a resilient spirit, ready to face the chapters that the coming year may unfold.

Here’s to reflections, growth, and the unwavering journey of self-discovery. Happy New Year Goddess✨

Love and Light


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