The Road to Rediscovery with Aubrey Johnson

Building Community and Finding Healing: Dr. Jeanne Retief’s Journey to FIGGI Beauty

The Road to Rediscovery with Aubrey Johnson featuring Jeanne Retief

Join us in this captivating episode as we sit down with Dr. Jeanne Retief, the brilliant mind behind FIGGI Beauty and Skin. Driven by a desire to pursue a path that truly resonated with her, Jeanne found herself standing at a crossroads at the age of 35. Embracing a whirlwind of emotions, from confusion to joy and frustration, she made the bold decision to shift her career focus to the world of beauty and founded FIGGI. Through our conversation, Jeanne opens up about the transformative power of building community and shares her personal journey of overcoming abuse, toxic thoughts, and trauma. Discover how she found healing by creating an outlet for channeling her experiences and empowering others through the FIGGI brand. 

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