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Dr. Jeanne Retief On Free Radicals & Antioxidants In Skincare

Dr. Jeanne Retief on antioxidants and free radicals in skincare. SKNKRE podcast by BSE
Dr. Jeanne Retief, Founder of FIGGI Life and FIGGI Beauty, joins us today with a fascinating discussion around free radicals and antioxidants, and how these affect the skin.

Jeanne was diagnosed with Panic Disorder in 2015 which forced her to reconsider her life path and views on mental illness. Facing a health and soul crisis, she had to make difficult choices. The human rights career she built with a single-minded focus no longer inspired her, and the symptoms of her diagnosis were wreaking havoc on her life. Seeking peace but still craving a challenge – she created FIGGI Life & Beauty.

This episode is full of valuable information that you’ll want to save for later! Enjoy.

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