Stand Speak Shine Podcast with Cherie Burton

The Hidden Gifts of Anxiety

Jeanne Retief of FIGGI Beauty speaks about anxiety disorder with Cherie Burton on the Stand Speak Shine Podcast.

Anxiety…who doesn’t deal with it from time to time? Anxiety can actually lead to a more mindful life – even becoming a superpower for sensitive people. How do we unlock the hidden potential of anxiety? How can it actually fuel personal growth? These are things that Dr. Jeanne Retief and I discuss as we explore the “seek for serenity.”

Jeanne has a long family history of mental illness and had a difficult home life growing up. She was always an anxious child, but panic disorder manifested in 2015 when she was traveling for work and had an attack that landed her in the emergency room. Despite her background in human rights consulting, Jeanne decided to take a break to focus on her own healing journey. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help normalize mental health struggles and offer a platform for others to find catharsis and support.

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